Bringing people down aka people of walmart



I once lived in a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma, I worked in a larger city. Unless you were independently wealthy or on Social Security you worked at one of three places, the prison, the hospital or Walmart. There are a lot of less fortunate people who live in the small towns situated in southeastern Oklahoma. This area is also known as the Bible Belt, where churches outnumber most places of businesses.
I’ve since moved to the metropolis of Houston, where I enjoy the autonomy of blending in with 4 million people, and while I have to work to make connections with people, it is still possible. My pharmacist knows who I am, so do the folks at Starbucks (I work there, however we pride ourselves on knowing our regulars). You rarely see the same people everyday unless you work with them or for them. This is not the case for small town America.
The Bible Belt, prides itself on being the churchy of America and the bible states in Matthew judge not lest ye be judged. Yet the most judgmental people I have ever come across have been in small town America, centered in yes, the Bible Belt.
Today, on social media, was posted a picture from small town America of a young woman in a Walmart checking out. Her son was in the shopping cart, he was dressed and clean with his shoes on. She was dressed in albeit clothes that weren’t particularly becoming. And there were at least 50 comments talking all kinds of mess. That poor baby. I’d be so pissed if that was my son. No one wants to claim that girl were just a few of the comments that I remember. I am sure that out of those 50 or so comments at least half of those people claimed to be Christians.
When are we going to figure out as a whole that it’s her business what she wears and it’s her business what she does. If that kid was dirty and snot nosed it would have bothered me but hello folks she’s grown. She’s allowed to wear and be and do what she wants to, she does not need your permission to be who she is. She does not need your approval.
Stop bring people down because in the end what I see when you post some bullshit like that is, I wanna live in that town. I want to be part of that community. >




I haven’t read a book straight through in a very long time. Yesterday morning in the wee hours I completed Rain and Revelation by Therese Pultz.
It was a good read, she had plenty of controversial issues that through me for a loop on more than one occasion.
The ending was rushed but for the most part I feel that most ending are rushed.



I haven’t read a book straight through in a very long time. Yesterday morning in the wee hours I completed Rain and Revelation by Therese Pultz.
It was a good read, she had plenty of controversial issues that through me for a loop on more than one occasion.
The ending was rushed but for the most part I feel that most ending are rushed.

If you aren’t writing…you should be reading…

A few nights ago someone posted on Facebook about a blog challenge…the same night I read a list of things that would make you a better  writer…
So I’m writing but i don’t want to read. Reading other people’s work makes me feel inferior, as in what i have to say is not nearly as important as what they are saying. What i write about isn’t as well thought out. I don’t have followers like they do. There are a hundred excuses that i can use to not want to write…but here i am swiping my way down the page because i haven’t got a computer and i am not satisfied with the way a tablet Bluetooth keyboard feels under my fingers…but to prove to myself that i can answer a challenge here i am, plugging out paragraphs on a phone keyboard hoping my swipe is efficient enough to get what i am feeling at the moment out.
I still don’t want to read…ill continue to write and I will  likely read but not as willingly.

Fast Food

When are people going to get that McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Starbucks to name a few are multi billion dollar corporations that can afford to pay their workers. No one bitches when they pay $5.36 for a frappuccino …that costs Starbucks about $0.35 cents to make. A five dollar profit…
Stupid people like to bitch and moan about people being in the system about having their tax dollars to fund the food stamp program but no one want to pay the fast food industry to keep people off the system. 
It doesn’t matter what a person does or doesn’t do, as far as the “working class” person is concerned anyone who works fast food is uneducated and never went to college. Again ignorance at play. 

I really wish our “educated” working class realized how fucking stupid they really are.



Why is this image a normal thing to encounter?  And this image below unacceptable?


Politics. Why is it okay for a candidate running  for public office to send out emails daily begging constituents for just a five dollar donation?
Yet we shun people on the street who will wash our window for a bit of spare change.
If that politician that is asking for a $5 donation was doing their job properly we wouldn’t have the huge number of homeless people as we do today.
I’m not saying run out and give the homeless all your money…what i am saying is give your political donations to a cause you believe in, one that isn’t making the rich richer.
Because in the end for me, political donations are rich people begging for money.

Have vs Want



The other day my DH came home from work and was telling me about a coworker whose residence had been burglarized, he told me a little bit about it and how that they recovered most of his things and had figured out that the burglars had watched how the maid had let herself in.  

Then yesterday, DH commented on how the guy that is training him, had lunch out (again) and DH packs his lunch.  

Both of these guys are expert level HVAC refrigeration technicians, they make no less than $17 an hour.     DH just finished school in May and is on his second HVAC job, so he’s entry level and makes considerably less.  That being said, those two guys don’t seem appreciate what they do have.  

We live in an upper ghetto class apartment house.  Were thankful for our own space, thankful that we were able to move out from my in-laws house after almost three years.  We have to deal with little kids running around outside on our “porch” because their parents don’t want them in the house and for whatever reason they flock to our house, even so they are outside and I am inside, MY house.  

We have a new car, but the same neighbors kids have scratched it up.  I am thankful we have a new car with a/c, that has an extended warranty, that if it breaks down a trip to the shop is only going to cost me a small albeit, inconvenient deductible instead of thousands of dollars. 

We have a second car, and I am thankful for it, as it is currently being loaned out to my grandboy’s mom and dad so that they can go to work and get things taken care of around town.  Their car broken down last Friday night and they would have been completely without if we hadn’t been able to lend them our car. 


We, as a people, worry so much about what we don’t have instead of appreciating what is right in front of us.  We worry more about what the neighbor has and we worry about “stuff” when in all actuality we need to build relationships instead of collecting “stuff” to signify that we have that relationship.  

Do we really need stuff to be happy?  My kids have TV’s in their rooms, computers, Ipods, access to Ipads, DVD players, BluRay Players, Cable, internet.  I had outside and a bike and I was perfectly happy with that.


Cougars…(gasp) Could I ever be one?


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I am over thirty and yes its a little creepy that I think this guy is hot, but the truth of the matter is that age is a number and depending on what you are willing to put up with, the age of your mate is entirely your business.  Sexual attraction is a huge deal right now.  Demi Moore was not the first cougar, so to speak, she was just one of the more popular ones, because she took Ashton off of the market.  Liz Taylor married Larry what’s his face, and he was nearly 20 years younger, and why is it that women get all the bad press?  Lots of men date, marry, have kids with women who are so much younger than they are…look at Hugh Heffner… for crying out loud, he trades in for a newer model the way most consumers trade in their cars.

Now let’s cut to the chase… Could I be a cougar?
ImageMy latest celebrity crush is Nate Ruess of the band F.U.N. He has a beautiful voice, he’s soulful, and he has the most beautiful mouth.  (I have a thing for lips). He was born nine days after I turned 8… So does the cougar rule apply?


Celebrity crushes aside, there have been several men (in my single days) that were younger than I was that I totally could have had a relationship with.  For the most part I was 35 and they were in their early to mid 20’s.  They were also all in the military, this is where I think, age becomes a number.  Men who have been exposed to the military and deployments (all had at least two tours under their belts), the game changes a little bit.  Those guys, can not even be compared to that of the same 23-27 year old that has never been place in the life and death situations that our military is.  Those guys were looking for older women. And in my experience it was simply because they did not want to play the games that girls their age were into.  They wanted to be taken care of, they did not want to go out and spend money on frivolous things, they’d done that, deployments bring more money than they can generally spend. They’d grown up way too fast, and seen too much death to worry about petty things.   They want to go to work and come home to dinner and the security of someone who would take care of them, something that women their age are not always accustomed to, nor do they want to do.

That being said, yes, I married a younger man, who in fact was in the military.  (for the record he’s 22 months younger)

More on that subject another day.

So yes, for what its worth, I think if I weren’t married, I could be a cougar.  There’s enough interest from the guys and a lot of time age is simply just a number.

Sad Truths


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Its all about the Benjamin’s…or is it?


Over the last several years I have had one job that I absolutely loved and hated and loved. Then I have had two that paid me exactly what I was making  at said loved job plus HALF, that I hated so much that I was only employed with them for less than 30 days.   So I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t all about the Benjamin’s… sadly, it has taken me much of my adult life to realize that money isn’t everything, I’m not saying that it doesn’t help, it does!

But in all honesty, I would rather make crap money and be thrilled with where I am employed than make a lot of money and hate going to work, and constantly look for an excuse not to go to work. Said last job was like that.  being around negative people brings me down so much.  The negative people were well enough off to pay to shop in the warehouse store where I was employed.



When I worked at the love job, I would go in on my days off, I covered more shifts than I knew how to handle.  I crossed the country and stopped in at every convenient location along the way for my coffee fix.  The pay was lacking, the people interaction was awesome, the work was hard, but dammit I enjoyed the hell out of it.  

That being said after a six month hiatus, I am headed back to my drug of choice.


I quit!

yes, yes, I did it,  without a safety net, without another job lined up, I quit.  I hated it.  I hate greedy ungrateful people and I refuse to surround myself with them.  Its a relief but in the same breath, I am completely freaked out.  I have two car payments, rent, and two kids in school who need things, but for the most part…they need me.  The rest will work itself out, I will never get back the days I have lost with them.  I know that they are 16 and 13 however…I think they need me more now than they ever have.  

It was a dead end job anyway.  No chance of insurance, no chance of moving up the ladder, part time no more than 28 hours a week… the hourly pay was good, but not worth the people who I was forced to be around.